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What can I sell?

Natural & Organic Categories

There are a lot of brands that claim they are Natural or Organic but given our BuyNatural shoppers care (a lot) about packaging, ingredients and even the background of the brand we take the curation of our Marketplace Merchants seriously. Therefore we ask that before you sign up that you can show you meet our commitment to the best in class Natural and Organic products.

Eco Friendly Products

BuyNatural limits access to sell in eco-friendly categories to help ensure that sellers meet standards our BuyNatural customers expect. For product eligibility and to ensure product listings meet requirements, Merchants are required to seek approval before undertaking a subscription.


1. If you are a merchant that wishes to list a Natural or Organic product in the BuyNatural Marketplace then please go directly to the signup wizard to proceed with your subscription Please note that subject to BuyNatural’s review of your products, your eStore will be live within a few days. If your products don’t meet our criteria any fees collected at signup will be returned.

2. If you are a Merchant and wish to list an Eco Friendly product then you (maybe) requested to send in samples for the BuyNatural team to assess. Once you have been given confirmation that you meet the criteria for listing then you may go to the signup wizard to commence your eStore application.

3. After you have completed the signup wizard, you will receive an e-mail response letting you know that you’ve been approved to sell and a Merchant Manager has been appointed. If there are questions around your brand then you maybe requested for additional information.

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