Marketplace FAQs

What is the BuyNatural Marketplace?

BuyNatural Marketplace is a curated Australian E-commerce platform owned by BuyNatural.com.au that allows selected third-party sellers to sell their products alongside BuyNatural's instock offerings.

Why should I join the Buynatural Marketplace?

Buynatural will serve as an additional sales channel for you with our unique and loyal customer base, consisting of over 2 million active customers. Our dynamic website engages shoppers with daily new events and exciting deals to make their shopping experience worthwhile. Leveraging this, you can grow your business by selling products on a platform where millions of customers are shopping. As a curated marketplace, our approved sellers also receive the benefit of hands-on account management, seller support and tailor-made promotional opportunities.

How is it different from other marketplaces?

We offer extensive support to BuyNatural Marketplace sellers. From onboarding through to marketing, optimising listings and customer service, our team of professionals ensure that sellers get all the guidance they need on their journey with us. As a curated platform, we work with our sellers to offer high-quality products and brands that align with BuyNatural values. This facilitates a great user experience on the platform, which in turn enables our customers to shop with confidence. We are also a proud Australian business, which means delivery is streamlined to local Australian customers only.

What is a curated Marketplace?

BuyNatural is a curated marketplace platform where new sellers and products undergo a screening process and are approved only if they meet BuyNatural values. We create a unique shopping experience by selecting sellers who can list products that are safe, high quality and provide value for money to our customers. Our sellers are also trusted to provide excellent customer service and reliable shipping.

Where is the BuyNatural head office based?

Our head office is located in Sydney, NSW.

Selling FAQs

What is the eligibility criteria to become a seller on BuyNatural?

Established professional business High quality product range Alignment with BuyNatural Marketplace values Check out our seller eligibility criteria here.

How much does it cost to sell on BuyNatural Marketplace?

The costs involved in running a BuyNatural store include: Monthly subscription fee covering admin fees of $49.99 inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). This is waived for the first 2 months from launching on the Marketplace as a free trial period. Commission taken on the order total which includes: Goods & Services Tax (GST) Merchant fees including PayPal, Credit Card, Zip Pay, Afterpay & LatitudePay No listing fees Fraud checks & chargebacks Commission is refunded in full for all refunded orders

Will I be locked into a contract?

There are no lock-in contract periods or penalties if you think you need to leave us (not that we think you are going to!). You will be required to agree to our Standard Seller Participation Agreement to sell on the platform, but once approved, you can stop listing your products at any time.

What does the onboarding process involve?

Approved sellers will be introduced to an Onboarding Specialist who will guide them through the integration process. This involves: Importing products & offers in our platform; Setting up the shipping grid; and Ensuring the mandatory store details are filled in. Once Onboarding is complete, listings and policies will be checked for data quality and compliance. If successful, your store will be launched on Buynatural.

What are my integration options?

As a seller, you have the choice of integrating via the following options: Manual integration – All orders will come through to your Marketplace portal – this is where you can easily check your pending orders, update order status and your account balance at any time. Each time any of your products are sold on our marketplace, you will receive a notification email. In this process, all products are managed and updated using Excel spreadsheets. Integration Partner – This is an automated approach where you can sign up with an integration partner to automatically push nominated products and offers across our marketplace portal. Check out the list of our integration partners here (PDF) 3rd Party Connector – Available for Shopify, Magento 1 & 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Connector is a handy app designed to make selling on Buynatural easier by automating the creation of listings and sending orders back to your E-commerce store for fulfilment. API Integration – For API integration, sellers will need in house developers who can create an API connection using the API documentation . This process is useful for automating day to day processes like inventory updates, product updates, order management, etc.

What kind of products can be sold on Buynatural?

You are welcome to list products that enhance the product range on BuyNatural. Please note: All branded products must be imported with barcodes (UPCs, EANs or ISBNs). As a curated marketplace, we have some restrictions on what can be sold on the site. Please refer to the following list of Restricted and Prohibited Items.

How do I price my products and can I charge for shipping?

As a third-party seller, you have autonomy in setting your product prices and shipping charges, keeping in mind that BuyNatural is best known for offering value for money products all year round.

What are the shipping requirements?

Sellers need to accept and ship all orders within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays). Parcels must be sent with tracking information and should reach customers within 3 to 5 business days. For international sellers, we allow up to 10 business days for delivery.

Does Buynatural offer fulfilment for Marketplace sellers?

No, BuyNatural does not offer any fulfilment services for Marketplace sellers at this time.

What packaging do I need to use?

There is no specific BuyNatural packaging. You can use your own packaging, however, we do not allow you to include any marketing material such as coupon codes or anything to redirect traffic to your own or any other third party website.

When do I get paid by BuyNatural?

Buynatural Marketplace makes payments of “Payable” balances to each seller weekly, on a Monday. Your orders on Buynatural.com.au become “Payable” based on a 7-day cycle. Buynatural takes into account the lead time required to dispatch that particular product. The invoice for all the payable orders is generated on Monday followed by the actual disbursement of funds on a Wednesday.

How will BuyNatural support me?

The Buynatural team supports sellers from Onboarding to tracking your success on the platform and everything in between. You will have a point of contact every step of the way. Our tailored metric dashboards give you insights on your statistics to monitor and grow your sales. You can also access our Marketplace Help Centre to find answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I become a successful seller on Buynatural?

There are a number of factors to consider. They include but are not limited to: Importing new quality products to keep your range fresh and exciting. Curating your range regularly to ensure that products that are not selling are removed to avoid “tyranny of choice”. Maintaining your data integrity by optimising your listings with good titles, descriptions, images, size charts (if applicable), keywords and attributes. Monitoring orders and discussing trending products with your Account Manager to check if there are any promotional opportunities to boost visibility and increase sales. Using a reliable courier service to ensure parcels are delivered quickly and safely. Responding to customer queries promptly and clearly. You can also contact your Account Manager at any time to get additional feedback on ways to improve your store.

Promotion & Advertising FAQs

How can I participate in a promotion?

The BuyNatural website is fun and captivating with new events launched twice daily. We support sellers with both free and paid events. Trending products are put together in mixed events at no cost to sellers. You can choose to offer a ‘Price drop’ and free shipping for the duration of the event to further incentivise customers. You can also purchase an event to feature only your range of products. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on our marketing packages.

What makes a successful promotion?

Here are some handy tips: Ensure products are optimised through the use of: Good product titles including your brand name, gender (if applicable), model/style name, keyword & colour. High-quality images showing multiple angles of the product and lifestyle images. A detailed description of products. Clear size charts that are legible on both mobile devices and desktops (if applicable). Inventory levels are increased to accommodate a higher volume of orders. You can offer a ‘Price drop’ to visually call out the discount. Please contact your Account Manager to set this up. Accept and ship orders within 48 hours. Ensure all customer enquiries are replied to within 48 hours.