Our international ecommerce expertise makes it easy, affordable and low risk

The BuyNatural Diplomat Program is an exclusive program that showcases innovative products from startups and emerging brands like yours to BuyNatural customers in China, Vietnam and the Middle East. We make it easy, affordable and low risk for brands to launch their products into these export markets.   Our export solutions provide full support with multi-language marketing, eCommerce sales and even the pick/ship for orders going cross border. Use BuyNatural’s world-class ecommerce expertise, global infrastructure, and powerful marketing offerings to help you tell your brand story, build your brand internationally and start seeing sales of your products from customers around the world.

Diplomat Program

Trying to export into new markets, like China? It is extremely difficult and fraught with risk for a business to move into export. Why not Partner with BuyNatural and join a growing community of natural, organic and eco-friendly businesses selling online with BuyNatural in Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.  Take the easy road for once.

The BuyNatural Diplomat Program is designed to grow your Australian brands internationally, and get your company Export Ready, using our proven three-step methodology.

Your Export Store

Having a Store Page on a BuyNatural export platform gives you a very affordable way to create an online retail destination in another language. Moreover, this Store Page comes with multi language customer service support all included in a simple subscription fee.

Language & Culture Experts

Each BuyNatural export location is supported with a language specific marketing team so that your brand and products can be promoted and targeted to customers in that specific export territory. Our digital marketing teams will contextualise your communication messages and brand messaging into Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese as you enter these markets.

Cross Border Logistics & Fulfilment

With a BuyNatural export program, you have no worry about getting your products sent to customers buying from overseas. BuyNatural stores your products in its fulfilment Centres and as orders are placed from overseas, the BuyNatural team will pick, pack and ship into these cross border locations. You have no hassle of trying to understand the various complexities of Chinese or Vietnamese cross border clearance and tax requirements. We take care of this for you.

Proven Methodologies

Take your first steps into international ecommerce and export with the BuyNatural Diplomat Program. Our expertise and proven methodologies make selling your products into China, Vietnam and the Middle East easy, affordable and low risk.


Start your export journey into China with BuyNaturalCN. Take advantage of the huge bank of Chinese consumers looking for high-quality natural, organic and eco-friendly Australian products. Our BuyNatural native China team knows all the secrets to unlock and decode this hugely profitable market for Australian brands.



Our Vietnamese consumer & commerce experts can help you to get your Australian natural, organic and eco-friendly products into Vietnam with BuyNaturalVN. Take advantage of our cultural market research, local knowledge & international ecommerce experience to skip the queue and start selling quickly!



A mystery to most, the Middle East in-country ecommerce and marketing is a cinch for our local consumer & commerce experts. The International BuyNatural team can help you to get your Australian natural, organic and eco-friendly products into the Middle East with BuyNaturalAE – quickly, easily, and risk-free.


Grow your business with the BuyNatural Diplomat Program


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