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Fees Structure

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Storage Solutions from $50 per cubic metre per month

Fulfilment fees

Per unit

The fulfilment fee is a flat fee that you pay per unit, based on the product type, its dimensions and its weight. It includes picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.
Parcel Sizes
  • Standard Prepaid Envelope

    (0-500 g)

    ≤ 33 x 23 x 2.5 cm
    $1.48 - $2.13
  • Large Envelope


    ≤ 33 x 23 x 5 cm
    $5.40 - $7.20
  • Parcel


    ≤ 190 x 190 x 150 cm
    $8.60 - 13.80
  • Parcel


    ≤ 190 x 280 x 150 cm
    $10.18 - $15.30
  • Parcel

    (5-6 kg)

    ≤ 260 x 260 x 190 cm
    $17.65 - $23.70
  • Parcel


    ≤ 420 x 270 x 280 cm
    $30.60 - $36.90

Shipping Australia wide.

Monthly inventory storage fees

Per cubic metre

Pay only for the space you use to store your items in our BuyNatural Fulfilment Centre. Storage fees are based on the daily average volume in cubic metre per month.
Monthly Cost
  • $50
    per cubic metre

Other services from FBA


You can ask to have your inventory returned to you at any time, hassle-free. The removal rate also includes return shipment to an AU address.


You can request to have your inventory disposed of on your behalf.
  • Return
  • Disposal
Standard-size (per item)
  • $0.65
  • $0.15
Oversize (per item)
  • $0.75
  • $0.20
All fees in Australian Dollars and exclusive of GST. Selling fees apply. For detailed information about standard-size and oversize weights and dimensions, refer to the help page Product size tiers.
Removal and Disposal fees are charged per item removed. Typically, removal and disposal orders are filled within 10-14 business days. However, removal order processing may take up to 30 days or more during the holiday season and peak removal periods (February, March, August, and September).

Shipping & logistics examples

Eco Cleaner Bundle

Order is received from Merchant’s Shopify eCommerce site. BuyNatural picks, packs – including a thank you card from the Merchant and ships this order from the BuyNatural fulfilment Centre in Sydney to the Merchant’s customer in Melbourne. An order tracking id for the customer is emailed. The weight of this order was 6kg and the total cost to the Merchant for this service, including packing, picking and ship is only: $22.50

Warehouse Storage

A small business Merchant developed a new product but needs to order a minimum run of 10,000 units (4 pallets) from the contract manufacturer. This stock will be ready within the month and the Merchant’s warehouse is full. They arrange the contract manufacturer to send stock directly to the BuyNatural fulfilment Center. The Merchant is paying $200 each month for the storage in a secure facility.

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Storage Solutions from $50 per cubic metre